C# (pronounced C sharp) is a high level programming language allowing developers to build .NET applications (.NET is a Microsoft development framework).

Unfortunately Bitcoin was written in C++ - an older programming language. Whilst C++ development was commonplace once, the last ten years has seen an enormous shift to C# based software development in industry.  

There are several advantages to using a higher level language like C#. It is part of the Microsoft .NET platform which gives the developer the possibility of building powerful cross platform code that work on many Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and more.  

Because a wide variety of applications can be written efficiently in C#, it (alongside Java) is the dominant programming language in the IT world. 

Given the popularity of C#, there is also a strong supply of developers in the market, and therefore application development is more much viable when compared to development in legacy languages. The Stratis Platform is here to help C# developers build Blockchain based applications, by providing a native C# Blockchain platform.