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This is the main information repository for the project. Here you can find all the technical and non-technical information related to the project. Including a FAQ section, various documentation,Whitepapers and Use Case sheets. The Stratis Platform wiki will also soon feature a Code Sample area where all Stratis developers can publish and showcase their Stratis coding examples.

Please use the links on the left to view FAQs covering various topics. There are also links to current documentation and other project material on the right side of this page.

For anything else feel free to contact us via email, on our slack channel or check out the official website.

Stratis Full Node Alpha version Released - NEW

Read more about our release of the Stratis full node (Alpha version) here. This encompasses Stratis Blockchain full node (with Staking), API's and GUI. Please note this release runs on TESTNET.

Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol Released

Breeze Wallet with TumbleBit has a new name: Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol. Breeze Wallet will be the first wallet of its kind that will not only provide a fully featured crypto wallet, it will also include a unique coin shuffling and swapping technology.

The Stratis Identity App is now available (iOS coming soon)

Stratis is delighted to announce the release of the the official Stratis Identity App. This serves as a useful Proof of Concept demonstrating Attestation on the Stratis blockchain. the iOS version is pending approval with Apple before being publushed to the App Store.

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