New Users

New users to Stratis (or Cryptocurrency in general) may find the following page useful. It covers some of the basic first steps in getting started with Stratis. 

  1. Download an official wallet: Only ever download official Wallets. Never download any wallets from an unknown or untrusted source. See below for a list of current official Wallet sources.
Stratis Wallet v2.0.0.3The latest interim wallet with various product improvements.
Electrum Stratis WalletThe current Electrum Stratis wallet. Note Staking is not possible in this wallet.

2. Join the Stratis community: Sign up and chat with fellow community members. Not only will you get to hear all the big news first. You'll also get to learn from some of the most helpful, experienced and dedicated community members in all of Crypto. Join the Stratis Platform Slack here;

3. Read our Do's and Don't's FAQ here.