Breeze Privacy Protocol

The Alpha release of the Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol is now available. Breeze Wallet will be the first wallet of its kind that will not only provide a fully featured crypto wallet, it will also include a unique coin shuffling and swapping technology. The protocol takes small denominations of bitcoins from a source wallet in Breeze, shuffles and swaps the coins with others, and then transfers those coins to a destination wallet.

The process is powered internally by powered by TumbleBit and Stratis Blockchain Technology to add privacy to your coins. It is likely to be used by discerning individuals and businessses that accept cryptocurrencies and do not want to leave traces that may reveal their customer and supplier lists

The first iteration of the Stratis Master Nodes will be the Breeze Node. Their purpose is to support the Breeze Wallet, where they will help execute Bitcoin and Stratis TumbleBit transactions. These will have hybrid functionality running both Bitcoin and Stratis full nodes that provide additional services to the network.

Depending on the node operator’s jurisdiction there may be legal and tax related specific requirements and/or restrictions. We highly recommend all potential operators seek proper advice before operating a Breeze Tumbler Node. This is a decentralized network not managed, controlled or administered by Stratis Group Ltd.

If you have any questions please contact the team by joining our Slack. Alternatively please check out the FAQs below for answers to some of the common question.